Halfpipe Girltime
Skatepark Board 31x8"

Bollywood-Style Design on a serious skate park board

• Double Concave 31x8 Deck for greater ‘POP’ and manoeuvrability
• 50x30 95A PU Ramp Wheels for better speed & performance on the ramp or skatepark
• 5” Aluminium Truck very durable
• ABEC 5 Carbon Steel Bearings for smoother, faster & more fluent ride
• PU Progressive Cushions for smoother, more fluent turns and greater durability
• Larger Top Cushion for tighter turning and exceptional control
• PU Pivot smoother and longer lasting
• Quality Rubber Truck Spacers reduce board vibration and noise


Code Variant Product Size Style
81020360201 Halfpipe Girltime
31" Street

810203602 Halfpipe Girl Lifestyle






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