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Latest Skate Tech
If it's new, we bolt it on and give it a go

Yep, we build 'em and we ride 'em - Adrenalin Skateboards are created right here by a dedicated team obsessed with the sport. Each component is tested and refined to provide a superior ride and performance ...and we keep going until we get it right

Adrenalin Skate Tech Specs

All of our boards have a label giving you a rundown of the individual specs of the board, from this you can choose your board according to your personal taste and what you actually want to use it for. Adrenalin Skate has a huge range of board set-ups from the tightest technical trick board to huge street cruising and high speed longboards, plus everything in between.
Listed below are explanations of some of the technical terms and aspects of the boards so you can make an informed decision and get the most from your Adrenalin Skate board.

Your choice of deck material really depends on your riding style and level of ability. At entry level hardwoods are the best choice, theyre more affordable, strong and dependable while learning the basics.

Bamboo Decks
Light and versatile with plenty of pop. Bamboo is the choice for the eco-friendly skater, its a fast growing renewable resource, more flexible than traditional hardwood with a beautiful surface grain and less weight means you can get more air.

Canadian Maple Decks
Traditionally the premium material for skateboard decks. Lighter, stronger with better response than hardwoods, its the choice of advanced and pro skaters. While it has plenty of flex, its still got a tight feel for precision moves.

This describes the raised sides or downward curve through the centre of the deck, front to back. The deeper the concave, or curve, the greater the pop you get back out of a flex during tricks.
Longboards need little concave, with some featuring flat decks.

The raised section at the back of the deck, used for tricks, flips and more control on the back foot for extreme turns on larger boards. When the nose is raised almost as far as the kicker, this is called a double concave and is used for riding both directions during tricks.
Longboards feature little or no kicker at all, as the turn is controlled through the truck pivots rather than flicking the deck about with your feet.

The size of your skateboard wheels is an important consideration, as well as what theyre made of. Our entry level boards have PVC wheels as theyre durable and affordable. The rest of the Adrelalin skate range have polyurethane wheels (PU for short) with different grades to suit a range of skating styles.

The larger the wheel, the faster youll go, but larger size also adds weight to your board. Smaller wheels are better for tricks, especially ollies and kick flips, as theyre lighter for more air and have a lower centre of gravity for balance and stability.

Believe it or not, the colour of your wheel matters. Pure polyurethane is clear, grips the best and lasts the longest. As dyes are added for colour, the PU compound slows down, this is more important for advanced and frequent skaters who know just what they want from their wheels.

Hard wheels give a better response and quicker reaction time, but ride rough on the street and have the least grip. Theyre perfect for skate parks and controlled areas, the choice of the trick rider and great for slides.
Softer wheels are found on our more old school styles and longboards. A softer wheel gives a smoother ride in outdoor areas and rougher street terrain. The choice of the street cruiser.

Centre Boss
This is the hard centre of the wheel where its attached to the truck set-up. The size of this relates to the speed required and how much energy needs to be transfered from the riding surface to the trucks to achieve this.
Small hard wheels only need a small boss, as very little speed and energy are lost between the outside edge of the wheel and the axle.
As the wheels become larger and softer, a larger boss is needed. Softer wheels absorb more speed and energy, so a larger boss gives back some rigidity and transfer the speed more directly. The balance between wheel depth and boss relates to how you want to ride, if youre happy with a mellow cruising speed, choose a fat wheel with a medium boss.
At the extreme end, our 40 inch Downhill Speed Cruiser has large soft wheels for grip and a smooth ride but a huge centre boss to transfer speed directly to the trucks. This baby really gets going on any kind of hill.

Ball bearings are probably the most essential aspect to be considered in your wheels. The higher the ABEC rating, the better the bearing overall. Higher ABEC values imply that the bearing was manufactured under the strictest tolerance and was more precisely made. Ideally, this would pave way to a faster skating experience while maintaining the smooth cruising feel.

The bearings used for upgrading our ramp-bowl and mini-cruise (or hybrid ramp and street) skateboards. These are a good choice for skaters who want to experience better cruising on their boards with minimum friction.

Used in our premium and larger cruise styles for the skaters who want the best experience from their boards. Because of its higher rating, under ordinary body weight ABEC 7 bearings would make it seem as if there is no friction at all.

The axle of your board, controlling the turn and overall feel of the ride. These can be tightened for trick riding or loosened for cruising, it all depends on personal preferece and style. Our trucks are already adjusted in the factory depending on the style of the board, but you can easily readjust according to personal taste.

The wider the truck, the more stable the ride, however it reduces the speed of turn and the ability to flip your board. So, narrower trucks for trick and skatepark riders and wider trucks for downhill riders and speed outdoors.... there is a theme developing here...

These are placed between the baseplate of the truck where its bolted to the bottom of the deck. Spacers reduce vibration transfered from the riding surface to the deck, reduce noise and also give more clearance to avoid wheel scrub in tight turns on big boards, where the deck tips right over and rubs against the top of the spinning wheels.
Skatepark and bowl style boards need only a thin spacer, as low as 5mm, as the surface conditions are smoother and you want the truck baseplate as close to the deck as possible for lower cenre of gravity and better performance.
Some of our larger boards feature thicker wedge shaped spacers which give reduced vibration and noise while pivoting the trucks on a tighter angle giving increased turning ability and better control at higher speeds

The large adjustable bolt right through the centre of the truck where pivot occurs during a turn. Several of our Longboards feature specialised downhill Performance Pivot Trucks where the kingpin is on the opposite side to traditional trucks. This allows the wheels to pivot laterally as well as vertically, creating a tighter more controlled turn at higher speeds.

Adrenalin Skateboards feature PU progressive cushions for performance and greater durability. These are the thick, usually transparent sections between the head of the kingpin, the axles and the truck baseplate. These allow the adjustment of the trucks, either tight or loose and where the energy from pivot is absorbed, allowing a quick response back out of turns.




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