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The Bleeding Edge of Technology
(well, bloody knees and scraped elbows anyway...)

We live and breath this stuff. The guys here are skaters and scooter riders, so we know what we want from our gear, plus we talk to people like you, so we can get some idea what you want as well. We test, retest and ride them ourselves until we're happy with what we've got. Then comes the rigorous quality control to ensure the final products do exactly the job they are designed to do over and over again...

Not only do we produce some of the most technically sophisticated and best performing skateboards, scooters and protection gear on the market, using the very best materials, we do it without compromising on price... we are the real deal... our product range represents the best value for money, bar none...

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Dirt-X Bush Bash 2014

360 Skate 2014


360 Scooter 2014


Newtons 2013 Crashes


Newtons 2013 First Clip


Newtons 2012


 Adrenalin 360 Skate


Adrenalin 360 Thumb


Blistering Bacon









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